Monday, January 12, 2009

The Waiting Game and much needed VENTING!!!

Well it has been about three months now since I submitted my applications to the two PA schools. One from what I can gather from a BB I post at, has filled most of their 30 seats. The other school has yet to notify anyone so I am still holding out hope.

However, I am really getting excited about RT school by reading all the blogs here. I am also excited about the prospect of only paying less than a tenth of the tuition of PA school for RT school and the prospect of making decent money while working three 12's.

The work as a PA, though, is definitely more my forte' having been a sick call "doc" in the Navy but right now I think I just need to get out of Medical Assisting. It is DRIVNG ME BANANAS!!! I actually resent being a MA. I must say that it is not so much that MA sucks as a profession, given a good practice, it can actually be quite rewarding. It is just that I never wanted to be a MA, I kind of just had to take a MA job since I cannot do what I did in the Navy out here in the civilian world and since I have been one have been trying to get into PA school. Hopefully it turns around this year. But as I have stated before, RT is also very promising. RT or PA, PA or RT....I guess we'll see son.


  1. "The Waiting Game," is/was the hardest part for me.

    You mentioned that you were (or still are?) in the Navy? I know of a lot of people that have learned Respiratory Therapy in the Army, Navy, or Air Force. Just a thought?

  2. I have been out since 1996. I am a civillian MA now.