Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Looking more Like RT school Here I come!

I applied to RT school last year as a fall back and was wait-listed then accepted for this Fall. I declined because I wanted to see what PA school would say so I chose to defer entry for next fall. I am beginning to warm up to this prospect as I have noticed the number of open positions at my hospital and around the Bay Area.

I also have been reading a bunch of blogs here and I am really quite excited. Perhaps this is the path God has for me. The good thing is I have it secured and waiting in the wings should January and February come and go with no acceptance from PA school. Oh well, at least I can finally use my Welch Allen Harvey Elite again its getting dusty in my dresser drawer. Also, I think RAD/ONC is actually making me dumber medically. I had to look up Keflex's drug class the other day. When I was in the Navy and when I worked in HIV/AIDS, I had the MPR practically memorized. Hmmm maybe its the Gamma rays.


  1. Congratulations on your decision.

    RT has proven to be very exciting so far, and most challenging at times.

    I'll add you to my growing list of RT bloggers.

  2. Thanks Junkie, I have been following your blog faithfully and i find it Hilarious AND informative. Plus you got me hooked on Trauma: Life in the ER. LOL