Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The fat lady aint sang yet!!!!!

After I received my first rejection letter from one of the schools, I was severely down. It affected my outlook a little. I was thinking that the nails in the coffin were being driven in one at a time. then this afternoon, when I got home, I received the most wonderful letter from my first choice school. I got an interview for the 17th of February!!!! Needless to say I am sitting on cloud nine. I am also VERY nervous and scared and "What Now????" keeps rolling through my mind. Well I am just going to be myself and if they don't accept me on that then I guess i have to lie next time...Sike! Naw, I guess then if I get rejected again then that is the answer I was waiting for and I will be the best RT I can be. Well I'll keep this blog posted with any news!

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