Friday, December 19, 2008


I am naming this blog "Musings of a PA school Reject" because that is precisely what it is. I wanted a place to vent and will state now that if I offend anyone...tough!!! It has been difficult for me to be rejected so many times for school because to me this is the ultimate occupation.

Having worked very hard in IM/FP, HIV/AIDS in underserved areas, military medicine, surgery, lab Rad/ONC and attend classes at night to finish the prereq's, I feel that I am a perfect fit for the profession as well as the schools' missions-or so I thought. I get pretty upset hearing about students getting in these schools by virtue of their 4.0 gpa with as much, or should I say little, as 150 hours SHADOWING PA's. This may make for a good PA student but I would think, not a good clinician. Oh well, that is what the schools are putting out and it seems that the original intent for the profession being made up of proficient and experienced medical professionals looking to fill the void of the decline of Primary Providers has shifted to a bunch of Premed kids who are not up to going to Med school to practice medicine so they go for what they believe as the next best thing. In the long run, the patient loses out. Call me bitter but that is how I see it.

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